“if you were to go from 50m text-based mainframe terminals to 100m PCs, you could say you’ve doubled the market, but that would miss the point - you’ve improved things by 10x, not 2x. The same applies to smartphones.”
“The new wave of innovation will be all about presenting the right information at the right time given the context of relationships, location, and device.”
“It’s a human being, not the embodiment of a function or sector, whose story we see, briefly, succinctly dramatised. In very spare, very plausible language.”
“To bring about this shift someone has to care, they have to care a lot. They have to share their passion and give others a reason to invest their time and energy in a whole new way of working.”
“If you hadn’t experienced air before, you might not be aware of the existence of sound. It is unlikely you would even predict that there would be such a thing as sound.”
“Apple’s approach is about a dumb cloud enabling rich apps while Google’s is about devices as dumb glass that are endpoints of cloud services.”
“Imaging becomes a universal form of conversation, rather than the freezing of a special moment or a piece of professional editorial content.”
“We need to worry less about privacy and more about creating a world in which it is OK to say what you think. To quiet that doubting, fearful voice in our heads that tells us that we shouldn’t be thinking what we are thinking let alone sharing it in public. We need to be brave.”
“If marketing people ask me what they should do to be more successful at social media I respond “be interesting”.”
“I question, though, if Now will turn out to be as meaningful to most people as Google thinks it will be. In other words, how many people actually want a personal digital assistant?”
“I very much enjoy the degree shows. The art is unsanctified by critics. It’s not signed off. It’s good, but there are question marks over it. These people could be crazies, snuck through the selection filter. Like pop culture, it walks a line.”
“Write every day. No matter what, you must put words down on page. This is the only technique that works.”
“Don’t build an audience; just help people”

Google talks very explicitly about web, mobile, browser - exposing the mechanics of what most people do every day without thinking about it. By contrast Apple just talks about products and their usage. The underlying mechanics are implicit but what’s paramount is the user experience. A technology company versus a product design company.

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“One of the great paradoxes for newspapers today is that their financial prospects are inversely correlated to their addressable market.”